Our boutique has trained fitters certified by ABCOP who work with a wide array of products to help women create a natural silhouette. We work with adolescents and women of all ages who have an imbalance due to the uneven development of their breasts. We also work with women after breast surgery to find products to regain symmetry and help them feel more confident in their daily activities. These imbalances can happen after mastectomies, lumpectomies, reconstruction, or breast enhancement so feel free to call us to discuss products that can help you.

These products include:
  • Surgical Recovery Garments
  • Partial Forms
  • Silicone Forms
  • Non-Silicone Forms
  • Radiation Garments
  • Swimforms
  • Bras
  • Tanks
  • And more…
Custom Breast Forms

Custom Breast Forms are just one of the services that set Wellness Ware apart. We are the only boutique in Oregon providing this service. We offer the American Breast Care Custom Breast Prosthesis. Unique to your size, shape, color, and surgery, the ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis is the best non-surgical breast reconstruction option available. If you have experienced a surgery such as a full mastectomy, partial mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast conserving surgery, or reconstruction, a custom-made breast prosthesis may be right for you!

Each prosthesis is hand-crafted and utilizes state-of-the art 3D scanning technology for superior accuracy to guarantee a well-fitting prosthesis.

Please see detailed information about this product through the link below:


Call Wellness Ware today to set up an appointment with our specially trained fitters to find out more about this amazing product. Our staff will be glad to let you know whether or not your insurance company will provide coverage for this product.
Do I need an appointment?

Yes. We want to make sure a fitter is available to give you the individual attention you deserve. Additionally we will need to verify insurance and contact your physician before your fitting.

Will my insurance cover these products?

Insurance coverage varies from plan to plan. If we are contracted with an insurance company we will offer you choices that are covered by your insurance company. We will also discuss with you any options that might not be fully covered and explain to you how your insurance company requires us to handle these choices.

Wellness Ware is also a provider for Medicare, Medicaid, and many private insurance companies. If your items are covered by your insurance, we generally do any billing or other paperwork needed.